Athletics Department

Athletics Department

  • Farmington Public Schools recognizes that extracurricular activities are an integral part of our educational system.  Therefore, the Athletic Department in cooperation with the community, endeavors to create a sports program to assist students in reaching their potential as individuals and as team members to ensure their positive educational experience.


    High School: The high school athletic program will provide students with an opportunity to be selected as members of a sports team based upon personal physical skill level, motivation and desire. Emphasis will be placed on the improvement of each student’s character development and acquisition of the knowledge and physical sports skills.  The ultimate goal of the activities, in concert with our high academic expectations, will be to realize the value of participation, strive for excellence, keep a proper competitive spirit and develop and improve positive citizenship.  Student athletes will apply the knowledge learned to being a lifelong learner and healthy individual.

    Middle School: The middle school athletic program will provide opportunity for all students, regardless of personal skill level, to acquire knowledge and physical skill in the areas of their interest. Emphasis will be placed upon the enjoyment of sport and the development of self-esteem, character, and physical skills.  Participants will be members of a team and will have an opportunity to apply those skills in competitive situations commensurate with their skill.  Middle School athletics provide an opportunity for participants to develop a “team concept,” learn and follow the rules of the sport and the commitment to participate. 

    Athletic Department Handbook


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