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  • Student Transportation:

     The District will provide transportation to eligible School District students and others consistent with applicable laws. The use of School District transportation resources for field trips, co-curricular activities and other authorized educational, cultural and recreational activities may be permitted when it does not conflict with the primary purpose for transportation and complies with District policies.

    Students who reside in the District and meet the following requirements are eligible for transportation to and from school:

    1. The student lives more than one and one-half (1½) miles from his or her school. However, a student who has been granted permission to attend a school other than the school to which he or she is assigned is not eligible for transportation by the School District.

    2. The student’s IEP or Section 504 Plan requires transportation by the School District. Business Transportation

    The Superintendent is authorized to determine the extent to which District owned vehicles may be used for official school business. Drivers of school owned vehicles shall be properly licensed.

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