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Dialogues on Diversity 20011

Dialogues on Diversity is a one-semester .5 credit class that provides the opportunity to increase open conversation on controversial topics, bridge gaps in our community, provide leadership/communication skills, and, most importantly, create change for a stronger future. Students will have the chance to share opinions, collect information from others, and eventually, change themselves and their surroundings. Students will participate in group dialogues, supplemented with directed readings. There will also be opportunities for community service and action projects. As students prepare to head off to colleges and universities or begin careers, our hope is that students will act as change agents wherever they go and begin to bridge the gap between race and ethnicity in schools and communities.
**Pathway: Arts and Communications

CREDIT: 0.5 TYPE: Regular GRADE: 10-12

Buddies Learning Together  06250
The “Buddies Learning Together” program is a student-to-student support system for students with special needs educated in Farmington Public Schools. It supports students with special needs throughout their school day in all settings, including general education classrooms. A student with special needs is paired with a buddy who acts as an advocate and mentor in the classroom setting. The buddy student consistently broadens the opportunities of the student with special needs to socialize, communicate, and demonstrate learning competencies. The buddy learns leadership, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Additionally, the buddy learns about disabilities and how these disabilities impact school. This course can be taken for repeat credit. **Pathway: Human Services
CREDIT: 0.5 TYPE: Regular GRADE: 10-12

Seminar 9,10,11,12 03003,03004,03005,03006
Each student is assigned a Seminar section. During Seminar (formerly known as Instructional Support Time or IST) Students will work with educators for additional support in their academic process, including receiving additional academic support, participating in extension activities and making up missing assignments or assessments.
CREDIT:  TYPE:Regular GRADE:9-12