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The Rexroth Family

"Our three sons have gone to Harrison High School. We’ve been amazed and pleased at all of the people there over the years who care and work so hard to give our boys a great education, a caring environment, and a fun place to learn and grow. There’s an attendance person who smiles at you, a hall monitor who tells you a funny story about your child’s day, an administrator that supports the students and takes the time to answer parent questions, teachers who go above and beyond to make sure your child is getting exactly what they need, a counselor who is caring and detailed, a noon aide who says hi, a staff member who interacts and makes your child feel comfortable, a coach who teaches more than sports, a custodian who makes sure you have all you need at events, and parents and students that really care about the community.  We are happy and proud to be a part of this Harrison family and legacy."