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The Richmond Family

We moved to West Bloomfield from out of state in 2013. When we were choosing our home to purchase, the school our kids would attend became our single biggest deciding factor. I fell in love with Wood Creek the day I came to register my three children! Right away my children were welcomed by staff who were prepared to work alongside my husband and I while we tackled our children’s individual academic needs. They advocated for my son to find the perfect level of challenge in math to keep him excited and focused, which has led to an accelerated, strong foundation as he entered Warner. I was impressed by the inviting and active PTA. The more time I spent getting to know the other parents, the more I wanted to help out. I have made so many great friendships with this awesome group, they have become a tremendous support while we all figure out this parenting business together. They are an energetic and committed group of people who are nothing but an asset to the Wood Creek community in every way they can be. 

However, I think the most wonderful quality Wood Creek has is it’s diverse student body. My kids have been able to develop such a worldly perspective socially - it’s their norm that everybody in their class is a little different and that’s just the way life is. I can’t imagine a better perspective for my kids to have in the increasingly globally connected world that they are growing up in. The staff does a phenomenal job helping guide the kids to be understanding and compassionate little people. I really believe there were a lot of schools that would have afforded my kids the ability to be good students, but I think here they were given the foundation to be better people! I see the IB qualities come to life in them and I can’t wait to watch where it takes them in their future. I am very grateful for their time at Wood Creek.