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The Obi Family

My family and I were very excited when our child was accepted into the Farmington Community School (FCS). We received a visit from both of his teachers before school started. This was great because our child got to familiarize himself with his teachers and vice versa. Having the ability to ask his teachers questions before school started helped to lessen the first day of school jitters. The atmosphere at the school is very welcoming, every morning when I drop my child off at school, we are greeted by the friendly staff at the entrance. The staff are always cheerful and I appreciate their open door policy and availability to talk when I have questions. I have watched my child make progress academically and socially since starting at the FCS into a more amazing, intelligent, calm, and self-confident boy. My child's teachers are awesome, their curriculum is inclusive of academics, emotional and social development and creative arts. My child is always excited to go to school. He would love to ride the bus to school but it so happens that we live just outside the bus route which is a little disappointing.