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The Leever Family

We moved to Farmington Hills from out of state in 2000. We chose what communities to look at based on research of the schools and graduation rates. Farmington Hills was highly rated on many of the sites I used to research local schools. Since then, we have been very happy with our decision to have our four daughters educated in the FPS system. 

Our eldest daughter graduated in four years from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. SHC is long way away and not your typical choice for a Michigander! She graduated with a Major in Fine Arts (Ceramics) and a minor in Marine Biology, which is quite an interesting mix.  I believe her experience at FPS led her to expand her artistic and intellectual potential to follow her passions.  She continues to take classes at University of Detroit Mercy and plans to get a Masters in Marine Biology.

Our second daughter is studying at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. She was invited onto the Women’s Soccer team and also the Women’s Swim team! She chose to go with soccer.  Currently in her junior year, she is spending 6 months abroad in France. She plans to Major in French and Political Science and minor in Philosophy. Her goal is to attend law school in a warm climate! 

Our third and fourth attend East Middle School. They are very inspired by their sisters, and look to them as examples of where higher education can take them. The final two are making the same mistakes as the first two - not handing in assignments and forgetting their planners at home. As older parents we struggle to stay on top of homework and scheduled activities. We are supported by a great staff at East. Teachers, counselors and administrators are our allies who look to bring out the best in each of our children.