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The Burns-Pavlik Family

"Harrison is not our home school and when we chose to send our daughter, Rosie, there two years ago for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme, the timeline for closing the school had not yet been determined and we told ourselves we were not going to get attached to Harrison. Suffice it to say, that resolve didn't last long. Well, before we learned that our daughter's class is slated to be the last to graduate from the school, Harrison impressed us with challenging and thought-provoking teachers, approachable and supportive administration and staff, a stellar theatre program (among many other outstanding extracurriculars), and an incredibly diverse student body that is both embraced and celebrated everyday. We look forward to sending our other children through the IB Programme and only wish that Harrison would remain open for them. At the very least, we hope that the excellence of the Harrison community is replicated for their high school experiences as well."


Becky Burns and Jeff Pavlik