Most Often Asked Back-to-School Questions

    1. Who is eligible for transportation to and from school?
      Generally, all students who reside more than 1.5 miles walking distance to school. However, some exceptions may apply. Please phone transportation at 248-489-3700 for more information.

    2. In the past, the actual pick-up or drop-off times have changed after the start-of-school. Why does this happen?
      The times are for the start of school and may change throughout the school year as new students are enrolled or the route is changed. If the time change will be more than 10 minutes, written notification will be given to the student by the bus driver to give to the parent.

    3. Is my child allowed to wait in a car or home until the bus arrives?
      Students are expected to be at their stop at least 10 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time because the bus could arrive up to 10 minutes early on some days. Students who are at the stop before the bus arrives and not waiting in cars, or homes and running to the bus when it arrives won't risk falling, or worse getting hit by a car rushing to the stop.

    4. What if my bus has not arrived 10-15 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time?
      Please be patient. You may want to call the transportation office to check on the status of the bus or bring your student to school yourself. At the beginning of the school year, bus drivers are familiarizing themselves with the route and parents have many questions for the driver. This means that the route may take longer the first few days of the school.

    5. May I request transportation to a day care center, and how do I do this?
      Students may have a different pick-up than drop-off stop, but each must be 5 days per week at the same location. Parents may transport their child on days when the child's schedule requires a different stop.

    6. What if my day care plans change after I have made arrangements with the transportation department?
      You will need to make new arrangements through your child's school.

    7. How do I make a request for a change in bus stop for my child?
      For daycare or address changes, please contact your child's school. For all other changes, the parent must complete a "Request for Bus Stop Change" form, available at your child's school, on the District's web site, or at the Transportation Department. A response to the request will be made within 10 business days.

    8. Who do I phone with other questions?
      You may phone the transportation department at 248-489-3700.