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    Graphic Organizers comes in all shapes and sizes. Graphic organizers can be:

    • Rubrics that students use as a checklist to guide their inquiries; and
    • Learning "maps" that students use to organize and/or synthesize information
    • Learning contracts that you design with or for your students


    Create and print specific rubrics for an enormous variety of products for your students.  You can tier the level of difficulty to differentiate. This site is a goldmine! 

    This site is an on-line rubric generator that is simple to use.  http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics 

    Providing a wealth of information on the how-to of creating rubrics, this site also has specific sample rubrics.  Once on this site, be sure to scroll down to the section entitled "Rubrics to use with Gifted Students." http://www.adifferentplace.org/rubrics.htm

    Here's an easy to use rubric creator for all grade levels.  Use this for project-based assessment for writing, science, oral presentations, or multi-media presentations. (NOTE: Be sure to check all the pull-down menus.  There's a lot of wonderful options!) 

    This site is an on-line learning contract generator that is simple to use. http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/contract

    Create a learning contract with a student(s) by pre testing a unit or chapter.   If the student shows 90% proficiency, create an alternative opportunity through the use of a learning contract.  Be sure the student  re-joins the class for the lessons dealing with that 10% of the material that was not proficient on the pretest. Find out more: 



    This is a valuable on-line toolbox of a variety of graphic organizers. You won't want to miss this one! CLICK HERE

    On this site, you'll find a "Teacher Activity Bank" of graphic organizers.  Be sure to browse the "Student  Activity Bank" of graphic organizers on the left-hand menu. CLICK HERE

    MORE! MORE! MORE!  Here's more printable graphic organizers for those visual learners. You will be asked to register on this site to print these graphic organizers, but it is free. CLICK HERE

    THIS SITE IS A CHAMPION!  This includes  directions for use and a huge variety of printable graphic organizers that are  unique.   Click on "Strategies" in the left-hand menu.  Then, allow yourself ample time to use the new left-hand menu to browse.  Don't miss "ABC Brainstorm" and "Clock Buddies." CLICK HERE

    DUMP YOUR BRAIN!   This is a fantastic, fun-filled activity to use as an end-of-unit assessment or review.  This can be adapted for any grade-level and used for any subject area.  To find out more: CLICK HERE

    3-2-1 EXIT or ENTRANCE SLIPS!  Quickly discover what your students have learned with this handy strategy! You'll want to use this over and over and over! 
    For a template: CLICK HERE 
    For a sample: CLICK HERE

    TOPIC BIO!  Use this as an assessment or just for fun! Your students will need to stretch their thinking for this one! CLICK HERE

    FAST FACTS!  Similar in format to an acrostic poem, this fun strategy is perfect for differentiating! Challenge your students to think "out of the box." CLICK HERE