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    For 3rd grade - 12th grade - WordMasters Challenge is a classroom competition that provides vocabulary expanding opportunities through the use of analogies.
    Check out the website for more information:


    Looking for ideas for Reading Response Journals?  Browse these Literature Response Journal ideas:
    Literature Response Set One
    Literature Response Set Two
    Literature Response Set Three
    Literature Response Set Four
    Literature Response Set Five
    Literature Response Set Six
    Literature Response Set Seven


    Cubing is a versatile activity to use for differentiating instruction!

    • IDEA! Put a different prompt on each side of the cube.
    • IDEA! Provide cubes of varying degrees of difficulty.
    • IDEA!   Create three cubes. CUBE 1: Provide six character ideas.  CUBE 2: Provide six setting alternatives.  CUBE 3: Provide six problem prompts.  Challenge students to roll all three cubes. Create a story using the character, setting, and problem they rolled!
    • IDEA!   Use two cubes.  On one cube, provide six question words (who, what, why, where, when, how). Use the other cube to provide six verb cues (can't, won't, will, should, can, shouldn't). Challenge students to roll both to create book discussion questions.
    • IDEA! Book activities to cut and paste on cubes. 
    • IDEA! Create wonderful opportunities for vocabulary enrichment.  Using the beautiful photographs from old calendars, generate questions on cubes. Sample questions: FOR LOWER ELEMENTARY and FOR UPPER ELEMENTARY
    • Here are more cubing templates:
      Kindergarten ideas
      K-1st grade ideas
      1st grade ideas
      2nd grade ideas
      3rd-4th grade ideas

    Kids will give you a thumbs up with this  SHOW & TELL activity !  Now, you can use this activity to differentiate.  Here's how it works:

    • Students will be given two rows of choices. From the first row, students select one way they would like to show what they know. From the second row, students select one way they would like to tell about what they showed! Show and Tell
    • Create your own using the verbs from Bloom's Taxonomy. Remember that verbs become more complex and challenging as you move from box 1 to box 6.
    • Got the hang of it? Now, you can vary it with these novel Show & Tell templates. (HINT: Make each column progressively more challenging.):
      Level One
      Level Two
      Level Three
      Level Four
    • These activities are guaranteed to keep kids smiling!