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High School Online Resources

Attention: All resources accessed through the Farmington Library are currently unavailable.  The Library is working on a fix.  All other resources are available.

Michigan eLibrary (MEL)


Michigan eLibrary

Residents in Michigan are provided access to a number of electronic resources such as General Reference Center Gold, Health and Wellness Resource Center, LearnATest, and NetLibrary. FirstSearch research databases include Medline, ArticleFirst, ERIC, and WilsonSelectPlus; which provide access to full text articles and abstracts.

Gale - Biography in Context


Biography in Context

A comprehensive database of biographical information on more than one million people throughout history, from around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas.




Access all of the following resources using Clever:

  • Algebra Nation
  • Big Ideas
  • Compass Learning
  • Imagine Math
  • Mcgraw-Hill - connectED

ProQuest CultureGrams



Educators, librarians, and administrators in tens of thousands of institutions worldwide rely on ProQuest to

  • Provide comprehensive, easy-to-use educational resources to power learning and increase student achievement
  • Enhance curriculum with age-appropriate, high-quality digital content from primary and secondary sources spanning thousands of titles and multiple media types
  • Provide landmark articles and electronic resources that illuminate all aspects of the most vital issues of our time
  • Inspire students to reach their fullest potential in the core curricula of Language Arts, Social Sciences, the Sciences, and Mathematics; and secondary curricula including the Arts, Multicultural Studies, and Technology and Vocational Education

Grolier Online


Grolier Online

The main menu at Grolier.com offers direct access to six important online encyclopedic resources.

  • America the Beautiful
  • Grolier Encyclopedia Americana
  • Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Lands & Peoples
  • New Book of Knowledge
  • New Book of Popular Science

Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

M-Step Resources