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    Remote and Virtual Program Enrollment 

    Farmington Public Schools offers a variety of ongoing remote and virtual programming options to meet your student and family’s needs.
    Limited space remains in Remote/Virtual programming for 2023-2024.  Families wishing to select a remote or virtual program for NEXT year, the 2023-2024 school year, are asked to complete the 2023-2024 Remote & Virtual Programming Selection Form to request enrollment.
    Please note a student MUST already be an existing Farmington Public Schools student, or be a Farmington resident and first enroll in the district by visiting

    Please view our interactive slide presentation to learn more about our programs!

  • How does virtual and remote programming work?  

    All virtual and remote programs are supported by Farmington Public Schools’ teachers, follow the rigorous Farmington Public Schools’ curriculum, and meet or exceed all State standards. 

    While participating in remote or virtual programs, students have the option to remain culturally connected to their home school.  This means they can play sports, join clubs, and attend after-school events at their home school.   High School students graduate from their home schools and with a Farmington or North Farmington high diploma.   

    *Please note that students and families must reside within the Farmington Public Schools’ district boundaries, or be enrolled through Schools of Choice, in order to enroll in Farmington Online.   

    Families not currently enrolled or living within the FPS school boundaries must first enroll through the FPS schools-of-choice process during the Winter enrollment window for the *following* school year. For questions about schools-of-choice, please contact 248.426.4692 or visit the Schools of Choice page.  School of Choice applications for non-residents are now closed for the 2023-2024 school year.  


    Learn More! Visit the program pages below or view our interactive slide presentation.


    Elementary School Remote Live Learning Program


    Middle School Remote Live Learning Program


    Elementary Virtual Learning Program


    Middle School Virtual Learning Program

    High School Virtual Learning Program


    Ready to enroll?

    If you are a new student to Farmington Public Schools, please visit to enroll and be sure to select a remote or virtual option during the pre-enrollment process.

    You may wish to review Is Remote or Virtual Learning a good fit for my Family?


    Our MISSION:

    Farmington Online’s mission is to engage students and families in flexible and innovative educational opportunities, where students learn in non-traditional environments through live and virtual online instruction, as part of their unique path to academic success.


    Farmington Online Main Office Phone Number: 248-426-2999

    Kurtis Lovio
    Director, K-12 Virtual and Remote Programming

    Allison Case
    Counselor, Virtual and Remote Programming

    Candace Hill
    Secretary, Virtual & Remote Programming

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