Counseling Office

  • Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
    Phone: 248-785-2023 - Office
    Fax: 248-855-2060

    NFHS Counseling


    Counselor Meeting Request (FOR SUDENTS ONLY)

    Parents/Guardians/Caregivers should email or call their student's counselor to arrange an appointment.  

    To schedule an appointment with your counselor, please complete the MANDATORY Google form. Then find the link on the form for your counselor’s weekly calendar. Select an available timeslot. This form is also available in the counseling office and around school as a QR Code. (Students Only)

    Joshua Jankelovitz                        Lori Morgan

    Click Here for an Appointment


    Jason Hurst                        India Shumake


    TRANSCRIPTS: Students can order their transcripts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at: Students can also
    order a self-view to be emailed to themselves.

    ENROLLMENT: Families who have moved to the Farmington Public School District and wish to enroll in North Farmington High School will follow the Centralized Enrollment Process here:

    Once Centralized Enrollment notifies you that paperwork is complete, you will receive an email from North Farmington High School to set up your new student’s schedule and counselor. At this time, you will be asked to provide current grades and/or an updated transcript.

    FPS Student/Parent Connect:  All students and parents should sign up for this program to keep updated on educational progress in each course.  Information available includes attendance, schedule, food service data, emergency and immunization information, discipline and student grades. Only one login ID and password is needed for all the children in a household. The MISTAR Parent Portal and MISTAR Student Connection links are in Quick Links list at the top of our website.

    *To obtain login information and password, contact the Counseling Center at (248) 785-2023. 

    Timelines by Grade

    9th Grade

    11th Grade

    10th Grade

    12th Grade


    Parent Pointers:

      • Help your student start thinking about a career: Review their electronic EDP through Xello.
      • Frequently discuss your student's school work and reflection statements to stimulate thinking. Self-reflection is the key to visualizing a tentative career goal.
      • Encourage volunteer experiences, mentoring, job-shadowing, internships and/or school-to-work opportunities

    Ways parents can work with the school:

      • Join the NFHS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)
      • Attend Parent-Teacher conferences and other school events.
      • Contact teachers by email with specific questions and concerns.
      • Motivate your student to do homework by emphasizing effort; discuss what is studied.
      • Encourage reading.
      • Talk with your student about alcohol and other drugs as well as the school code of conduct.
      • Teach goal setting and help your student take responsibility for their learning and behavior.

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