FHS Hall of Fame

  • Hall of Fame Crest

    The criteria for induction is:

    • Must have graduated from FHS at least 10 years ago.
    • Must have lettered in the sport they are being inducted in
    • Must have achieved some outstanding achievement in that sport, for example, All-American, State Champion State Record Holder, athletic accomplishment at the college level and/or beyond.

    Inducted 2001

    Warren "Rex" Cawley

    Warren "Rex" Cawley
    1964 Gold Medal
    Tokyo Olympics
    Class A 1958 & 1959
    NCAA Champion 1963
    American Record
    400 m.
    Univ. So. Cal. 1960-64

    Mark Churella

    Mark Churella
    1975 High School
    All American
    Champion 3 years
    NCAA and Big 10
    Champion at U of M

    Mike McGuire

    Mike McGuire
    1973 State Champion
    Two Mile Run
    2-time NCAA All-American
    U of M Track & Cross Country
    USA CC Team 1980

    Nate Durham

    Nate Durham
    1972 State Champion
    Track and Field
    State Record
    15 Feet

    Carrie Maier

    Carrie Maier
    1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
    Miss Soccer
    All America 1990


    Inducted 2002

    Jack Lawing

    Jack Lawing
    All-State Football

    Randy Meier

    Randy Meier
    All-State 1976-77
    All-Mac 1980-81

    Paul White

    Paul White
    All League, All-County
    All-State, All-American
    31.5 Pts. Ave.
    45 Pts. High Game

    Inducted 2004

    Jason Buda

    Jason Buda
    1991 All-State
    1992 State Champ

    Kevin Young

    Kevin Young
    Dream Team 1990
    All-State 1990
    Played in All-Star Game
    1st Team Div. 1
    All-America CMU
    3rd Base

    Ron Short

    Ron Short
    1966 State Champion
    Track and Field
    State Record
    14' 6-1/2"

    Inducted 2006

    Jack Cotton

    Jack Cotton
    Athletic Director
    1956 - 1983
    President Michigan High
    School Athletic Assoc.
    State Athletic Director 1975
    MHSCA Hall of Fame
    Trustee and President
    FPS Board of Education

    Sue Gibson

    Sue Gibson
    All-League and
    All-Observer Honors
    Cotton Award Winner
    Woman Athlete of the Year

    James Bates

    James Bates
    Baseball Captain
    Earning School
    Scoring Record
    Varsity Football
    Interlakes League

    Inducted 2008

    Chris Inch

    Chris Inch
    11 Varsity Letters
    Swimming, CC, and Track
    State Qualifier in Swimming
    2-time All State in
    Cross Country
    Set 4 School records
    3-time Conference CC
    #1 Runner at the Univ. of Illinois

    Margaret Martin Colvert

    Margaret Martin Colvert
    Varsity Awards for
    Cross Country, Soccer
    and Volleyball
    All-Division, All-Conference
    All-County, All-Region
    Honors in CC.
    All-Division, All-Conference, All-County, and All-State in Soccer
    Starter At MSU for 4 yrs
    Regional All-American
    Academic All Big Ten

    Amy Trunk Richters

    Amy Trunk Richters
    Soccer, Cross Country, Track
    All-Conference, All-League in Soccer
    2 time All-State
    Dream Team 1989
    All-Region and Team Captain at Univ. of

    Dick Cook

    Dick Cook
    All-League, All-County, All-State honors in Wrestling
    Captain, MSU Wrestling
    NCAA Champion 1966
    Wrestling Coach at FHS
    1969-75 & 2002-2005
    Observerland Coach of the Year and
    County Coach of the Year

    Jerry Young

    Jerry Young
    26-year Coaching Career at FHS
    Earned 13 league and 4 regional Championships
    Observerland Coach of the Year several times
    1970 Oakland County Award
    1986 State Award
    3 time Big Ten Champion
    Michigan State NCAA CC Championship Team 1959