Track - Information

  • Dear Parents & Athletes,

    Track season is beginning and your child has expressed an interest in participating.  Regular practice will start on Monday, March 25. Practice is Monday through Friday after school from 2:45 - 4:15 pm. Arrangements must be made to pick up your athlete promptly at 4:20 pm. Students can NOT be left after school without supervision, so carpooling may help ease the daily trip to Warner.

    ATTENDANCE     We request you encourage regular attendance at practices.  We realize that conflicts occasionally arise and we would like advance notice if your child will miss a practice.  If a student is in school on a particular day, he/she will be expected to be at practice. If a student must miss practice that day a parent email or voice mail should be sent to Mr. Burrell or Mr. Lantzy (Boy's Track Coaches), Mrs. Dalton or Mrs. Buen (Girl's Track Coaches) explaining the student's absence that day or the student will be marked unexcused. Unexcused absences may result in the student not being allowed to participate in the next meet. In extreme cases, parents are notified if their student has continually missed practice and hasn’t provided a note to the coach. Numerous unexcused absences could result in dismissal from the team. 

    UNIFORMS/SPIRIT WEAR     The school will attempt to provide each participant with a Uniform. Due to the large number of participants this may not be possible. We would like you to strongly consider purchasing one of the Uniform tops available in the Required Items section and possibly some shorts from our Spirit Wear site for use during each season of your son/daughter’s Track participation at WMS.  Deadline to order is APRIL 4.  Here is the link to the spirit wear store:

    Athletes will be responsible for the care of any school issued uniforms throughout the season.  Uniforms are to be worn at MEETS ONLY. They should never be worn during the school day or at practice.  Athletes will be responsible for having proper practice gear each day.  A comfortable pair of running shoes is needed.  Personal items can be stored in gym lockers however, athletes must bring their own combination lock. 

    MEETS    All Home Meets will be held at either Power or East Middle Schools. This is because Warner does not have a regulation Track (we are about 30 meters short). Meets against FPS schools (Power/East) will begin at 3:30. Meets against Non-FPS opponents will begin at either 4:00 or 4:30. The WMS Track Staff prides itself on running efficient and timely meets. This requires lots of Staff and Parent support. If you’re able to help Time or judge a field event at any of our track meets please let us know. Meets can run anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on if we are running the meet, so plan accordingly. All athletes are expected to stay until the conclusion of the meet in order to help facilitate the meet and encourage their teammates. If this is not possible, and the athlete needs to leave early, parents should email a coach and sign out at each meet.

    PROPER PREPARATION     Athletes have been encouraged to watch the weather on meet days. They have been asked to bring a duffle bag with extra warm clothes (sweats, hat, gloves), rain gear, and additional lunch or snacks and water/Gatorade. Why? Michigan weather changes all the time: If you’re warm, you can always take items off to cool down. If you’re cold and you have no additional clothes to put on, then you’re miserable. It’s possible that we may have a concession stand at our home meets, but just in case, it would be advisable for your daughter/son to bring an extra lunch (especially for meets that don’t begin until 4:30).

    TRANSPORTATION     Athletes should remain at school on meet days. Bus transportation will be provided to and from each track meet home/away. Runners are expected to ride the bus back to school following the meet.  If a parent would like to transport their child home from a meet, they must sign their child out on the Sign Out sheet (usually hooked on the stands). At NO time may an athlete ride home with another family, unless a voicemail and email are provided to the coaching staff WELL before the event

    Everyone will participate in the meets as long as they have attended practices, demonstrated effort, followed team rules, and remained in good academic standing. Each athlete may participate in a maximum of three events. They are responsible for signing up for the events in which they would like to participate. Just FYI, the first heat in any event will be competing for points and will determine the score of the event. Multiple exhibition heats may follow in order to ensure that all athletes can participate in the event of their choosing. We look forward to seeing you at our meets.

    All other important information (including a schedule) is available at the following link:

    Required Forms for the Season are available at the following online link:  RevTrak.  Choose "Warner Spring Athletic Registration".


     Go Vikings!

    Rich Burrell, Boys Head Coach;     
    Cheryl Dalton, Girl's Head Coach;

    Mike Lantzy, Boys Coach;                 
    Christine Buen, Girl's Coach;