Counseling Office

  • Pam Gutierrez Lisa Hayhow Rabi Alhini   Michael Forster Chondra Jones
    Pam Gutierrez,
    Lisa Hayhow,
    Rabi Alhini,
    Social Worker
    Linda Stockton,
    Michael Forster,
    Chondra Jones,
    Teacher Consultant


    At Power, each student is assigned to a counselor by grade. She is here to help with scheduling, peer relationship concerns, academic issues, and other kinds of support for you and your child. Joining our department are Mr. Forster, Psychologist, and Mr. Alhini, Social Worker, who are also available. The counseling department offers various groups throughout the school year dealing with changing families, social skills and conflict resolution. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor or Mr. Alhini if you have questions or concerns.