Math Help

  • Having trouble helping your students with math?

    Three good books to have as general references are:
    Math on Call, Algebra to Go, Geometry to Go


    Math on Call : Grade level: 6-8

    Math on Call is a resource middle-school students depend on for homework, test review, daily assignments and cooperative learning. They’ll turn to it repeatedly for math rules, study tips, and even to learn about databases and spreadsheets. Topics in the book include:

    •  Number theory
    • Computation
    •  Algebra and geometry
    • Graph and statistics
    • Probability

    Algebra To Go: Grade level: 7 – 12

    Algebra To Go covers key and often complex math topics in a way that’s easily understandable, providing “go-to” algebra support for students in the classroom and at home. Its detailed explanations, easy-to-follow charts and graphs, and clear, numerous examples help students understand and retain algebraic concepts. Topics in the book include:

    •  Number theory
    •  Estimation
    •  Algebra and geometry
    •  Data analysis
    • Problem solving

    Geometry To Go: Grade level: 7 – 12

    From coordinate geometry to non-Euclidian geometry, from congruence to constructions, Geometry To Goprovides reliable support to help students learn, reinforce, and review key geometry concepts. Topics in the book include:

    •  Geometry
    •  Measurement
    •  Problem Solving

    All books are soft cover and are available online from a number of different providers:


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