• LOC Credit Union  


    Welcome to the LOC Student-Run Credit Union at East!

    LOC Credit Union and East Middle School are excited to enter into their 25th year of partnership! LOC operates the Student-Run Credit Union program in 19 schools, across three school districts within Livingston and Oakland Counties, which includes Farmington Public Schools.

    Important things to know about the LOC Student-Run Credit Union Program:

    • The Student-Run Credit Union is operated by 7th and 8th grade students. They will demonstrate teamwork, respect, integrity and responsibility while working.

    • This is a hands-on, real life experience for student employees and depositors.

    • Beginning in September, students and staff can complete in-school transactions every other Thursday during the 2021-2022 school year.

    • Students can use their existing LOC savings account or open a new account to start saving.

    • Student-Run Credit Union accounts are real savings accounts that are active even when school is not in session. Accounts can be accessed at school, online, or at our branch locations.

    • Erin Ilg, LOC Community Impact Specialist, supervises all Farmington in-school operations and transactions on operational days.

    To open an account scan the QR code, or visit https://www.loccreditunion.com/join-loc

    Questions about the program or opening a new account?

    Contact: LOC Community Impact Specialist: Erin Ilg | 248.919.5830 | eilg@loccreditunion.com

    East Deposit Days on Thurdays:

    September 30
    October 14, 28
    November 11, 23 (Tue)
    December 2, 16
    January 13
    February 10
    March 3, 17
    April 7, 21
    May 5, 19
    June 2