Transitions Work Sites

  • Colleen Hrischuk, work site based learning teacher coordinator, Email:   248-888-6193

    Identified universal work skills are those qualities that employers look for when interviewing and hiring individuals for employment as well as for individuals sustaining employment. Universal Work Skills are an integral part of the Visions program. The following skills are incorporated in daily instruction: Punctuality, Motivation, Initiative, Flexibility, Independence, Attentiveness, Stamina, Safety, Appearance, Cooperation, and Quality of Work. Students begin the Visions program with in-house experience in order for staff to observe and evaluate students’ skills.

    Work Based Learning gives students opportunities to obtain unpaid work experience, facilitate job training, and maximize student potential for competitive employment. During the 2018-2019 school year, Visions has approximately 50 students participating in on the job training at the following ten worksites.

    Visions Worksites:

    • Busch's Market
    • Costick Activity Center
    • Farmington Public Schools Central Office
    • Farmington Public Schools Hillside Elementary
    • Henry Ford West Bloomfield
    • Mercedes Benz Financial Services Corporate Cafeteria
    • Oakland Community College Cafe
    • PAES Lab ( Provides: Work and Life Skill Training; Vocational Work Assessment; Work Exploration; Appropriate Work Behavior Development)
    • Pizza Hut
    • TJX Companies