Class Room 1

  • Teaching Team - Patty Bruder 

    I'm Patty Bruder and I am honored to be working with 4 year olds at Alameda. I work in the M/W/F and T/Th full day program. I love working with children and families and am passionate about the field of child development. In fact, if I am not preparing for class, I am usually reading books about young children! I view these early childhood years as awe-inspiring opportunities for wiring brains! Three important philosophies define our classroom:

    1. Good communication between children, teachers and parents.
    2. Our classroom is a “No Stress Zone.” We acknowledge problems, find solutions then move on.
    3. We are all important, respected members of our school family.

    I firmly believe “childhood should be a journey, not a race” and each child has his/her own journey to discover.
    Love to all!