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    Help teach your student the value of saving with LOC!
    Wood Creek Credit Union opens Friday, September 28th!


    In 1995, LOC Federal Credit Union opened its first student-run credit union in Farmington Hills. Today, LOC is a proud partner with Farmington Public Schools, Hartland Consolidated Schools and the Howell Public School District and operates 21 in-school branches.

    For eleven years, LOC Federal Credit Union has operated a full-service, student-run branch at Wood Creek Elementary, which is managed by students with the supervision of an LOC employee. Student employees gain hands-on experience on how to run a branch and they perform duties of the various positions available at a financial institution. They are also taught real-life work skills, such as

    • Resume writing and interviewing techniques
    • Professionalism and teamwork
    • Development of responsibility and leadership skills
    • Increased student confidence
    • Counting money efficiently
    • Financial education classroom presentations
    • Importance of having healthy savings habits
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Increased math skills and more.

    Not only does this program teach valuable skills to students working the credit union, this also gives all students real-life lessons in savings and finance.

    All students, staff, and parents at Wood Creek are eligible to open an LOC account through the student-run credit union. Wood Creek Credit Union is open Friday mornings from 8:45am-9:15am and operates under the direction of Jenn Kuzara, Youth & Community Development Coordinator at LOC.

    To open an account, access the links below to print and complete an application and return to Jenn Kuzara on Friday’s, between 8:30am-9:30am or go directly to LOC’s website to begin the account application process online.

    Account Application
    Parent Question and Answers


    For a full list of student-run branch locations and operational hours, visit locfederal.com/cuatschool.

    For additional information or with further questions, contact:

    Jennifer Kuzara
    Youth & Community Development Coordinator


    Elizabeth Wilson