• OUR VISION: The vision of Longacre Elementary is high achievement by all students, where learning and leading are considered our most important work.

    OUR MISSION: Everyone learning, everyone leading

    OUR CORE BELIEFS: We are a school in which:

    • students, teachers, parents, community members, support staff, and our administrator work together to create a positive learning and nurturing environment to ensure all students are successful, competent and productive.
    • teachers hold high expectations for all students.
    • we rely on our diversity of thought, perspective and people to build on our strengths.
    • all students and staff feel empowered and supported.
    • teachers use best practice in every classroom to engage each child.
    • decisions are based on data and quality information.
    • our school provides a safe, caring and nurturing environment for students, staff and parents, that enables every child to experience the joy of learning.
    • as a LEADER IN ME School, our purpose is embodied by the principles of Covey's 7 Habits being integrated throughout the culture, beliefs, and practices of our school.
    • our Positive Behavior Support expectations are explicitly modeled, taught, reinforced, and supported uniformly and consistently across all grade levels and embraced by all staff and parents.
    • goal setting, creation of action plans, and data reflection are practiced in all classrooms by students and staff.