Principal's Page

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    Highmeadow is a unique school of choice within the Farmington Public Schools with a lottery selection process. All students entering grades K through four are welcome to apply. Our school was established in 1988 as a lab school utilizing innovative teaching and learning practices. These practices are based on what research tell us about how children learn best and on the observations of other high achieving schools. Highmeadow is not the same school it was in 1988 but remains an innovative learning environment where the staff continues to explore, implement, and perfect new teaching and learning strategies. The compacted curriculum, the well developed Enrichment Program, the collaborative practices of the staff all challenge students to be successful learners. Teachers utilize the following strategies to teach the curriculum: Integrated Instruction, Daily Enrichment Program, Cooperative Learning, Hands-On Experiences, Accessing Multiple Resources, Cross Age Grouping, Heterogeneous/Homogeneous Groupings, Meaningful Instruction/Best Practice, Lifeskills and Lifelong Guidelines, Authentic Assessment, Brain Compatible learning environment and much more.



    Dyanne Sanders, Ph.D. - Principal