Student Support Services

Student Support Services

  • Our department supports, monitors and implements programs for the following areas:

    • English Learners
    • ADA Section 504
    • State & Federal Grants 
    • Newcomers Center
    • Global Language
    • Title IX

    We look forward to serving you and making Farmington Public Schools part of your life’s journey to excellence!

    Designated Employee for Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator

    The government has made legal provisions to insure that no person is discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. In order to protect these rights and assure compliance, the Farmington Public Schools District has appointed Mr. Christopher O’Brien as Coordinator of Title IX and Section 504. 

    Inquiries concerning the application of, or grievances for, any of these regulations should be addressed to:

    Mr. Christopher O’Brien
    Farmington Public School District 
    Maxfield Education Center
    32789 West Ten Mile Road
    Farmington, MI 48336

    Any person who feels that the rights of an individual have been violated under the provisions of Section 504 or Title IX relationship may contact Mr. O’Brien.

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