Remote and Virtual Programming

  • 2022-2023 Remote and Virtual Program Enrollment 

    YES, remote and virtual options will be available for 2022-2023! Farmington Public Schools offers a variety of ongoing remote and virtual programming options to meet your student and family’s needs.

    To enroll in Remote or Virtual Programs for the 2022-2023 school year, please complete the 2022-2023 Remote & Virtual Programming Selection Form or visit

    You may wish to review Is Remote or Virtual Learning a good fit for my Family?

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    How does virtual and remote programming work?
    All virtual and remote programs are supported by Farmington Public Schools’ teachers, follow the rigorous Farmington Public Schools’ curriculum, and meet or exceed all State standards. 

    While participating in remote or virtual programs, students have the option to remain culturally connected to their home school.  This means they can play sports, attend after-school events, join clubs, and participate in other cultural opportunities at their home school.  

    Please note that in MISTAR Parent Portal, you may see your student listed as enrolled at Longacre-Remote, Power Middle-Remote, or Farmington High-Remote.   This is only a record-keeping technicality as all remote/virtual students must be grouped together for attendance purposes.   All students still remain connected to and may return to their home school the following school year if they choose to do so.

    Remote Programming
    In grades K-5, elementary students work with a Farmington Public Schools teacher throughout the full traditional school day, five days per week.  Students receive instruction in all core subjects; mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts.   Instruction is live and synchronous, similar to a typical in-person school day.   Students also receive live remote instruction in Art, Music, and Physical Education from certified Farmington teachers.  

    Even though students are engaged in a full day of instruction, that does not mean students are on a computer screen all day.   Just like  in-person instruction, students may have independent or small group work time, where a teacher is still available to support as needed.

    Explained: Elementary School Remote & Virtual Learning Choices (4 mins)

    In grades 6-8, students work with a team of remote Farmington Public Schools teachers and receive live instruction throughout the school day in all core areas; mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts.   Students also have remote elective options, which are either taught remotely by certified Farmington teachers or virtually through the Edgenuity learning platform.   Students are able to take instrumental music classes, choir, world language classes, and other electives as well.  Elective availability varies based on enrollment.

    Explained: Middle School Remote & Virtual Learning Choices (3 mins)


    Virtual Learning Path (VLP)

    Available in Grades K-12

    Does your student learn better at their own pace?

    Looking for an alternative option to the school day, where students can learn any place, any time? 

    Then Farmington’s Virtual Learning Path (VLP) may be for you!   

    Elementary Students

    Students work at their own pace through lessons in Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies.  Students have access to up to two electives.  Instruction is both computer based through our learning platforms as well as through paper and pencil / workbook activities.

    A certified Farmington elementary teacher mentors, supports, and provides extra guidance to students.   Classes do *not* meet live daily or through a full instructional day.   Students have opportunities to meet with the teacher each week to receive additional help and support.

    Middle and High School Students

    Students in the VLP work at their own pace through our virtual learning platforms, and receive instruction in Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies, as well as two electives.  Classes are not live and not required to take place at a specific time, so students can learn and complete work anytime and anywhere*.

    Certified Farmington teachers provide mentorship and daily support to all middle and high school students.   Tutoring and extra assistance is also available on demand throughout the day through the Edgenuity system.  

    *Please note that students and families must reside within the Farmington Public Schools’ district boundaries, or be enrolled through School of Choice, in order to participate in remote and virtual programming.  
    Families not currently enrolled or living within the FPS school boundaries must first enroll through the FPS school-of-choice process during the Winter enrollment window. For questions about enrolling in FPS through school-of-choice, please contact 248.426.4692. 


    Ready to enroll?

    If you are a new student to Farmington Public Schools, please visit to enroll and be sure to select a remote or virtual option during the pre-enrollment process.

    You may wish to review Is Remote or Virtual Learning a good fit for my Family?

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    Remote & Virtual Programs Main Office Phone Number: 248-426-2999

    Kurtis Lovio
    Director, K-12 Virtual and Remote Programming

    Jennifer Kowalski
    Counselor, Virtual and Remote Programming

    Candace Hill
    Secretary, Virtual & Remote Programming


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