Continuity of Learning


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    Welcome to Farmington Public Schools' Continuity of Learning portal. This space is a way for the community to learn about and engage with the plan.  

    Each member of the Farmington Public Schools' community has a role in this plan - a role to support student learning and well-being, as well as our own.  While we would all prefer to be face-to-face, within the safety and routine that a physical school and classroom provides, we know that moving to remote learning is the way we all can help secure a healthier community.

    This “in-person” school closure has prompted us to learn to do school differently because schools are still open just at a different address.  This opportunity affords us space to enhance instruction through technology integration, engage students differently, and empower students to own and manage their learning.

  • Continuity of Learning Plan Context:

    All stakeholders are reminded to acknowledge that each person (administrator, teacher, student, parent/guardian, caregiver, etc.) has a personal context that has implications on their engagement during this time. All stakeholders are finding a new normal as they: 

    • manage work and home balance,
    • manage stress and emotions in their own way,
    • manage social connections,
    • manage physical health.

    Continuity of Learning Plan Goals:

    • To provide students with continued academic learning.
    • To provide students with continued connection with peers and staff.
    • To maintain a sense of structure in the absence of a school day.
    • To reduce the loss of learning and academic perseverance during this “in-person instructional break.”

    Continuity of Learning Plan Components:  

    • Digital Classroom: Digital learning environments provide communication and access to learning experiences.
    • Essential Standards: This plan moves learning forward with new content. Each grade level and course focus instruction on identified essential standards.
    • Instructional Design: Lessons are designed to connect students with the concepts and skills of each content area. Weekly lesson design integrates both real-time and non-real time tasks, as well as online and offline tasks.
    • Teacher-Student Connection: Teachers and students make periodic connections using a variety of methods to engage in learning together and to continue to build relationships. 
    • Monitoring Learning and Engagement:  Students are provided opportunities to show their engagement and learning.  Student learning and participation is monitored weekly for the purpose of supporting student growth. 
    • Instructional Time: Time guidelines and learning schedules are in place to guide instructional planning and participation.
    • Social-Emotional Support: All members of the learning community are safe. Members respect and support each other’s self-care and well-being.
    • Supports: Instructional accommodations for English Language Learners, Special Education, and 504 Learners are available as a part of this plan.

    When students are participating in live sessions, parental/guardian consent is automatically given for photographic images or recordings to be created and retained by FPS.

    Oakland Schools Approved FPS Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP)

    Oakland Schools CLP Approval Letter

    Oakland Schools Approved FPS Early Childhood Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP)

    Oakland Schools Early Childhood CLP Approval Letter