Career-related Programme

  • Farmington High School is an IB World School for the Career-related Programme.

    We were the second program in Michigan, one of 158 in the US and 326 worldwide to offer this unique learning experience for students. This opportunity is well suited for students interested in combining the rigor of an IB education with a two-year course of study from our Career & Technical Education (CTE) program.    

    IBCP at a Glance  

    FHS Student IBCP Overview Video - (4 ½ minutes)

    IB Career-related Programme Overview for Parents & Students - Virtual Presentation (8 ½ minutes)

    IB Career-related Programme Slide Presentation without video

    10 Reasons why the IB Career-related Programme (CP) is the ideal study for students looking to pursue a range of pathways

    Watch this video to learn more about what the IB Career-related Programme is all about.

    What is CTE?

    Career Programme Brochure

    IB DP CP Comparison


    Essential Elements of the IB Career-related Programme:

    • A 2-year course of study in a CTE program (such as Health Science, Business, Marketing, Auto, Engineering Design, Computer Science) developed based on the student’s career pathway interest.
    • Two student-selected IB Diploma courses
    • Two semesters of the Personal & Professional Skills (PPS) course to develop interpersonal skills, workplace readiness skills, research skills, a global perspective and more!
    • Required CP Core: (50 hours each with about half completed during the PPS course)
      • Reflective Project (research based ethics essay-helps for college prep)
      • Service Learning in the local community and beyond
      • Language Development - learn or develop another language increasing career marketability
    • Required IB and CTE assessments to demonstrate content and skill proficiency
    • Opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications for career readiness

    Upon successful completion of the IBCP requirements, students achieve an International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme Certificate in addition to their high school diploma upon graduation. 

    If you want to learn more about how the IB CP is benefiting students around the world? Check out this link: How the CP is making a difference for students

    For further information about the IB Career-related Programme, contact the Career-related Programme Coordinator, Kevin Miesner at