TOK - Theory of Knowledge

  • TOK stands for Theory of Knowledge. It is one of the three components of the IB Core. TOK is a 30 minute class that students must take before school from 7:10 to 7:40 for two semesters - second semester of Junior year and first semester of Senior year. One key aim for the student as "Knower" is to develop the ability to look critically at what it means to be a knower and thinker. At the heart of the course are questions for discussion, such as: What shapes our perspective? Where do our values come from? How can we tell when we are being manipulated? 

     Through exploring Areas of Knowledge such as “Natural Sciences” and “The Arts,” and key concepts such as “Evidence,”  “Justification,”  “Perspective,” and “Power,” students will create an exhibition during their junior year and write a 1600 word TOK essay during their senior year.