• Dear Parents and Athletes,


    Track season begins on Monday, March 25th, 2018.



    Practice is Monday through Friday, 3:15-4:45 pm. Arrangements should be made to pick up your athlete promptly at 4:50 pm. Students may not be left after school without supervision.


    Regular attendance is required as part of a successful team. We realize that conflicts occasionally arise and we would like advanced notice if your child will miss a practice. If a student is in school on any given day the expectation is that they will be at practice. If a student must miss practice that day, a parent email should be sent to either Coach Taylor, Coach Kirk, or Coach Bentzley explaining the absence, or the student will be marked unexcused. Unexcused absences may result in a student losing the ability to participate in the next meet. In extreme cases, parents will be notified if their student has continually missed practice with no parent notification provided. Numerous unexcused absences could result in removal from the team.



    Students will be provided with a uniform. It is the responsibility of each student to care for these uniforms throughout the season. Uniforms are to be worn at meets only. They will never be worn during the school day or to practice. Athletes will be responsible for having proper gear each day. This includes a comfortable pair of running shoes and an extra pair of clean socks as needed when the weather gets warm.



    Athletes are encouraged to watch the weather, particularly on meet days. Students are asked to bring a duffle bag with extra warm clothes (sweats, hat, gloves), rain gear, and additional snacks and water. Michigan weather changes rapidly. If you are warm you may take layers off, you can only put them on if you have them. It’s possible that some of our meets will offer a concession stand, however, this should not be relied on. Please send extra food, especially for meets that begin late.



    Athletes will remain at school on meet days. Bus transportation will be provided to and from each meet. Athletes are expected to ride the bus back to school following each meet. If a parent would like to transport their student home from a meet they must sign them out with a coach. At no time will an athlete ride home with another family unless coaches have been made aware prior to the meet in writing.



    In order to participate in practice or meets, students will need to have a physical and a receipt of the athletic fee receipt on file. Student grades will be checked throughout the season. Failing grades will result in suspension of meet participation.


    Everyone will participate in meets as long as they have attended practices, demonstrated effort, followed team rules, and remained in good academic standing. Each athlete can participate in a maximum of 3 events. Athletes are responsible for signing up for events they would like to participate in. The first heat in any event will be competing for points and will determine the score for the event. Multiple exhibition heats may follow in order to ensure that all athletes can participate in the events of their choosing.


    Thank you for your support in the season ahead.

    Go Iron Horses!


    Coach Taylor



    Coach Kirk



    Coach Bentzley