Ninth and Tenth Grade in the IB Diploma Program

  • The IB Diploma Program does not officially begin until a student's Junior year. Prior to the Junior year our goal is to not only acclimate the students to high school but also to begin to introduce some of the IB philosophies to the students. Freshman and Sophomores will have an experience very similar to other students taking a college prep class load. There are a few courses that are required of them to both help the students understand the expectations of the program as well as to continue building strong organizational skills.

    Freshmen in the IB Diploma Program are strongly encouraged to take Honors English and Honors Biology. They are required to start or continue with a World Language (Spanish, French, Japanese, or Arabic).

    Sophomores in the IB Program will continue with Honors English and their selected World Language. In addition, sophomores are strongly encouraged to take a class called "IB Essentials. This class will give the students a better understanding of the IB Core (TOK, CAS, and EE) as well as some of the guiding principles of IB, such as the Learner Profile. IB Essentials helps to make sure students are comfortable with signing up for the IB Diploma Program before the Junior year when it becomes harder to change directions.