Diploma Candidate vs. Course Candidate

  • There are two options available to the students to be involved with IB classes. 

    Students can work towards earning the IB Diploma, called being a "Diploma Candidate". This involves completing the entire program of classes and core work (CAS, TOK, EE) during the Junior and Senior years. All of the student's classes during these two years will be IB classes. Students can earn college credit or advanced standing based on the individual scores for each of their courses. For students who earn the IB Diploma, some universities start students as sophomore standing for their first year. Diploma Candidates are not required to complete all State and District required courses for graduation. 

    Students can also opt to take individual IB courses, similar to taking an AP class. This is called being a "Course Candidate".  This student cannot earn an IB diploma but instead will earn individual scores for each IB class (from their assessment results) that has the potential of earning college credits. Other than the specific IB classes the rest of the student's classes would be non-IB classes such as regular classes, honors classes, AP classes, or electives. Course Candidates are not required to complete the Extended Essay, CAS Hours, or the Theory of Knowledge class. Course Candidates ARE REQUIRED to complete all State and District graduation requirements.