Counselor Appointments / IB Coordinator

  • IB Students 

    Christopher O'Brien-IB Head of School (IB Prep, Course & Diploma Students) or call 248-785-2076

    Parents/Guardians and Students can easily make appointments through Sign-Up Genius. Select an available day and time that is convenient for you.  You'll receive an email reminder a day before the scheduled appointment.  Students will be able to print a confirmation or show the email reminder to their teacher to present as a pass to be excused from class for the appointment.

    Jen Kowalski-Counselor for 11th Grade Diploma Candidates & 12th Grade Diploma/Course Candidates: Click Here for Appointment  or call 248-426-5152

    Vicki Palmer-IB CAS & Assessment Coordinator - Click Here for Appointment or call 248-426-4663