• IB Grouping Matrix


    Subject Offerings

    The classes in the full Diploma Programme are arranged by Groups. There are a total of six Groups with each group covering a different subject area, as can be seen by the graphic above. Students take one class from each group - three Higher Level (HL) and three Standard Level (SL) courses {Some students opt to take 4 HL and 2 SL.}. Group 6 is the one group that is optional and allows a substitution. Students not choosing a Group 6 class will select a second class in Group 3 or 4 during the Diploma ProgrammeThe class offerings for the IB Program at FHS are as follows:

    • Group 1 (English Language & Literature)
      • SL/HL
    • Group 2 (World Language)
      • SL Arabic
      • SL/HL French
      • SL Japanese
      • SL/HL Spanish
    • Group 3 (Individuals and Societies)
      • SL/HL Business and Management
      • SL/HL History
      • SL/HL Psychology
    • Group 4 (Experimental Sciences)
      • HL Biology
      • HL Chemistry
      • HL Physics
      • SL/HL Sports & Exercise Health Science-SEHS
    • Group 5 (Mathematics)
      • SL Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations
      • SL/HL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches 
    • Group 6 (The Arts-OPTIONAL)
      • SL Music
      • SL/HL Art



    Developing An Academic Plan

    We are fortunate to offer a wide variety of subjects in our IB programme.  This provides an opportunity for students to select subjects that appeal to different learning styles and interests.  Unfortunately, as with Advanced Placement and Career Tech classes, students may not always get all of the classes that they want. It is important to note that some classes listed above may not be offered if course request minimums aren't met. The master schedule is built upon student requests, so give thoughtful consideration to your choices.


    Please follow this link for IB Course Descriptions Graduation Charts and Scheduling Worksheets