IB Diploma Programme Model

IB Learner Profile - The heart of the Programme

  • At the heart of IB is the IB Learner Profile. This is a set of traits that, through an IB education, every student will acquire.

    • Inquirer - students will question the world around them
    • Knowledgeable - students will learn a wide variety of content
    • Thinker - students will learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as how to be a lifelong learner
    • Communicator - students will learn to convey information in many different formats
    • Principled - students will live with integrity and concern for others
    • Open-minded - students will learn to accept and reflect on opinions that are different than theirs
    • Caring - students will provide service to the community
    • Risk Taker - students will step outside their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and try new things
    • Balanced - students will learn in areas that are their weaknesses as well as in their strengths, students will learn to balance the many demands of the program
    • Reflective - students will learn to constantly work to improve, personally and academically, through the process of reflection

    From this, it is clear that the IB Diploma Programme isn't only a rigorous academic program but also a program that teaches students how to be better in a holistic sense. The IB Diploma Programme is designed to help students reach their full potential academically and personally.  

    For more details on the IB Learner Profile: IB Learner Profile