Instructional Equity

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Community Support Services

  • Our work is focused on implementing our district mission of EVERY student being successful by ensuring that:

    • Gaps and barriers between our vision and the policies, practices, and structures that may perpetuate systemic inequities are eliminated.

    • The predictability of success and failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor is removed from teaching and learning practices.

    • All learners have access to rigorous content at or above grade level.

    • All stakeholders are engaged in sustainable partnerships to support academic achievement for all learners.

    • Knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices are developed to create learning environments and opportunities that expect and support achievement for all learners.

    Under this work, our department supports, monitors and implements programs for the following areas:

    • English Learners
    • ADA Section 504
    • Civil Rights Compliance
    • State & Federal Grants 
    • Specialized Curricular Grants
    • Global Language 
    • Diversity Education & Outreach
    • Career & Technical Education
    • Homeless Services

    You can find a number of helpful links for these areas, as well as contact information for our staff that supports this work on this page.

    We look forward to serving you and making Farmington Public Schools part of your life’s journey to excellence!

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