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Strategic Planning

FPS Strategic Plan %22Building the Foundation with Equity and Innovation



Farmington Public Schools established, as part of its Strategic Planning, a promise to our community in the form of a Profile of a Lifelong Learner. This profile identifies and defines 5 key learner outcomes. Each learner will become a:

  • Strategic Communicator

  • Empowered Collaborator

  • Resilient Problem-Solver

  • Compassionate Community Member

  • Self-Actualizer

What is a Strategic Plan?

  • A strategic plan should give the organization focus and a clear direction.

  • The intent is to get people, processes and programs on the same page, heading in the same direction.

  • A strategic plan aligns people and resources to translate strategy into focused action plans.

  • The “Good Intentions” of the strategic plan are transformed, through the work of the stakeholders, into strong results for students, schools, and the community

Strategic Planning Goal Areas:

  • Creating Systems for Equity & Innovation

  • Creating a Culture for Equity & Innovation

  • Teaching and Learning

  • Community Relations

  • Leadership that Supports Equity & Innovation

  • FPS Futures Committee

Strategic Planning Process:

  • Goal Area Leaders and Co-Chairs 

    • Staff Leadership with Administrators serving as Co-Chairs

  • Identification of 2-3 Objectives for the School Year

    • Includes Activities, Strategies & Progress Monitoring

  • Meet Monthly with Stakeholders (Virtually)

  • Present Progress to Board of Education

  • Make Recommendations to District

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