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Board Community Dialogue - May 14, 2024

Board Community Dialogue - May 14, 2024 - Flyer

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Flexible scheduling? 

Challenge:  if robotics is only available after school, but so are sports, band, etc. students are limited to one or other. 

Block scheduling

Well thought-out before implementing


Will colleges recognize these new courses in Math/ELA/CTE combinations?

Will students who take these combo/alt classes be well-prep. for college if they choose to go?

Neighboring districts are EXPANDING

partner w/LTU. Nissan etc. for megatronics & other advanced STEM long experiences

HACKBOTS ASK:  There   has been very little growth in program/curriculum or facilities since 2015

  • Need robotics classes!!! Especially advanced –level classes
  • Need new space for robotics team, classes & CTE
  • Provide advanced STEM ops. District-wide
  • STEM Kits benefits community & students
  • K-12 STEM Curriculum
  • 97% of Hackbots go into STEM fields post HS

*How are we going to find the new/additional spaces we need for these courses/students/facilities?

*If we are willing to invest in athletics facilities (when only a small % of student athletes go on to professional careers in athletics) why not invest in STEM “CTE”other facilities?

* Including LATE START?  Night Classes? Apprenticeships including work study? Internships?

*More ops. For students to meet reqs via their passions and strengths!

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Kayleigh    Bill    Nancy   Angie

Kid-Developed INDY STUDY

Requirements need to be laid out to meet certain levels

Small class environment

Path to College Studies



·   Grad Reqs

·   # Students

Honors Program

·   Xtra Credit

·   Get Honors for Above & Beyond

Combine Classes / Credits

·   History + English

Sports for PE

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 Desirable self-study (Independent Study Kid developed.  Engage kids in what they like.)

 Smaller classes – get to know address social classes that really benefit me.


Combine Classes English & History, Sports for PE

Take advantage of Learn & Teach

Model 3 day learn touchpoint.  2 days teach ensure learn concepts

Execute function – Time management



Senior year should be especially if met all the requirements

Restraints #Kids in class not enough to hold a class

Grad early fluff class

How is independent self-advocacy


Kids out of seats

4-day week–5th day (internship or volunteer over @ elementary)

Figure out how to create more flexibility.

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4 Day work week w/volunteer or community opp.

       Project based learning

       Space & community support with extracurricular

       Help teachers & students find joy in academics teaching

Parent Involvement/Community

       How do we/engage curious learner’s w/tech

Industry Connection Models into

The classroom  /Career Exploration

How do we make learning more fluid than seat time

HS students lacking basic testing/study skills for college critical thinking skills, EF skills (basic email skills)

Utilizing tech appropriately applying tech in real world

Teaching responsibility

*safe space to fail and explore

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More access to STEM –   Experiences



More Experiential “Hands On” Learning

  • Decrease the sitting
  • Increase the movement

Adjust start time of schools

Waive Gym for Sports

Blended Learning = Online & In-person

       Better Alternatives when schedule conflicts arise i.e.

  • Independent Study

A.I. & Critical Thinking

  • How to do both

Promotion of programming & choices

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Get Out of Classroom

Block Scheduling

·   Kids Break for Teachers

·   Great Social Aspect

Pilot at Farmington + Better Scores

Day Off ®   Where FO

Place to Go for Help

Recitation – Review/Practice

Ban Cell Phones

Critical Thinking/AI

Water Start Time

Executive Function