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Board Community Dialogue - February 13, 2024

Board of Education Community Dialogue - The Athletic Experience - flyer

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Millage $$ when Harrison closed

Negatively effected

Resources are not the same

Pay to Play removal

Connected to removing wrestling room?

Coed team without female uniforms

We have boosters/backers?!


Runners required to wear sweats


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FHS Wrestling room

Aux gym is not a sustainable practice area
Communication / Transparency


Mat lift – safety issue

Bond seems focused on outdoor sports

Building access

Many coaches access teams with no access

Lack of school admin. Support for wrestling – no presence at district meet

New on site sport entry rules

why no re-entry?
Concessions outside pay desk

Weight Room Access

Swimmers, wrestlers booked out of room. Is this room only for football?

Dive team not united but one coach between the two teams.

Gym schedule/Access/Scheduling

Color Guard

Practicing in Band Room – not sufficient space

Pool issues – Delayed Resolution

Chemicals, Temp. Access. Water level

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Lacrosse – Lack lack of scoreboard, Lack of support for the team, lack fo visibility, no adult rep in the building/advocating for space etc. No weight room access due to no supervision. Girls FHS has a coach,North does not.

Safety – Proper vetting of 3 rd party providers hiring practices

United Teams – Some (many?) not given support/direction/visibility they deserve.

VSN – issues with team schedule of photos.

Lower profile sports – treated poorly, less than

Girls Diving – North divers asked/made to practice at FHS due to one coach.

Lack of Coaches/ leadership – Probably just hard to secure volunteers, but is there something else? Low quality of some coaches.
Protecting student athletes from coach yelling etc. emotional well-being.


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Final Forms – or other consistent communication tools that can be used by various audiences. use of different apps

Swimming Pools @ both high schools. Need a major upgrade.

Safety – mental/behavioral health training for coaches, should be required.

End of Season Banquets – could the district provide guidance (not requirements) but suggested venues etc. when to contact athletic secretaries about process to have letters in time etc.

Consistency for how Varsity letters are earned. Now treated differently between some girls/boys teams.

Safety – Student being told to go to coaches home to drop off at their home. Inappropriate


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Better resources @ NFHS vs FHS – Space, >Gym, weight room, no room for multiple teams

  • Not able to pull out bnleachers at FHS
  • Smallest gym @ FHS for all of OAA
  • Scheduling w/sports for league games
  • Lack of equipment for sports at FHS
  • Concession space – not up to code (indoor sports)
  • Track meets does not have tents both schools
  • Allocation of funds whose responsible?
  • Grade school (K-5) lack of youth sports
  • Lack of recruitment for incoming players and next level (college)
  • What is the financial need for each sport?
  • Basketball coaching staff VS NFHS (trainers)
  • Lack of space for team equipment
  • Lack of communication between coaches and parents
  • Sports app for communication w/parents, students and coaches
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  • Meeting at beginning of school year for all booster clubs between High Schools.
  • Equality between Sports to include giant scoreboards.
  • Field repair tp prevent injury.
  • A qualified grounds keeper with knowledge of field maintenance.
  • Who pays for what. Boosters vs district. (Who pays for uniforms)
  • Quality coaches
  • Ways for parents to provide feedback.
  • Clean out and throw away used/old/ancient stuff in the athletic lockers*
  • Trainer to keep/report injurys
  • Where is the athletic budget located? Accessible for review.
  • Parent booster club feedback for what we think we need. Hudl for all
  • Fix JV baseball field.
  • District AD should only be AD – not included with safety.
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Middle School Intramurals

District pays for all invitationals

Do we pay for track home meet timers?

Are there periodic reviews of how the district supports their teams compared to other districts in our league so we are level-set??

  • Home meet timers – track

  • Tents – XS & track

  • Facilities – All

  • Relay teams wearing 3-4 different jerseus – track

SAFETY - Coach badge
Sporting events police/squad car @ the middle schools

Elementary school new gear for gym

Eliminating athletes from getting in free to other sports has decreased them supporting other Athletes (with pay-to-play, athletes got in free)

Non-competitive jogging

Indoor track off season

Winter run club throughout the year. *Middle School

After school Bus!

In door concession snacks need food!

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Farmington High School

Wrestling Room

“Repurposed”  w/o disc??

Current equipment not “preserved” i.e. MATS


Parental Athletic Advisory Council is needed

Schoolwide or Sport wide


Pay for Marching Band

May be reviewed (reduce costs)


Booster Club for Marching Band would be helpful


Clarity on budget for each sport/Team

Cost of equipment for sports-

Costs vary by sport


Issue of transportation for students before and after games and practice

Back to school?

Back home?

Allocation of bus to sports


Cost of admission to events??


N.I.L. Policy


Professional development for coaches


Issue of screening for part-time coaches 


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Administration Involvement - Wrestling Senior Night

Had low attendance from FHS Principal or Vice


Who is responsible for this info? Coaches - Athletic Director?

More Information on Sports Schedules

-Admission Costs

-Cost or Card or Digital

-Map of school to show where to park & enter


Bus transportation

Approx half of the meets/tournaments had either No Busses or only ½ way

(Bus there not back)


Is this because of current bus driver shortages?  Or has wrestling always gotten the short end of the stick re: bussing to/from away meets

Where is the EQUITY?



Mentioned but for All Sports?  There was a Football Booster Group. Is there one for other sports?

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No new singlets, warmups, headgear, didn’t get new mats this year.  We had to do a fundraiser to get these things, but the school hasn’t agreed to buy it. 

NO working mat *means mats sit on the floor ??? disrespected by being set on and trash thrown on them.

Principal & Administrators at one home meet optics - Show support

Principal & Administrators at Dick Cook City Meet - Show support

Today, you said sports are exploding - how will you ensure safety & enough mat space for FHS wrestlers?


District took Warner’s wrestling mat lift and they are suffering.  The lift is not what is required & doesn’t work not ordering what coaches believe is required.  


Trust the coaches to select the equipment we need to be successful.  Rebuild and outfit the weight room - It’s tired, old and inadequate. - (Get the Lift they specified, not what you think is NEEDED.)

The coaches (3) need keys to open rooms - locker rooms, etc.  Not just the ability to open exterior doors.  Gotta be able to get what they need for practice - wasted time waiting for 1 guy with keys.


Lack of decision - making inclusivity

No discussion with coaches before losing the wrestling room.


Stop taking School of Choice Students.  If you cannot support students of tax paying parents.  Chasing $$$ instead of excellence is sad.  


When I voted for the millage, I never thought wrestling would lose ground while football got new turf, swimming got an updated pool, etc.  Total downgrade unacceptable.

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FPS Loves Football

Sarcasm > Go Football upgrades.

How about the other sports

  • Wrestling
  • Sports Millage?
  • Planning
  • Safety
  • Lack of coach involvement in decisions
  • Concessions at things other than Football and Basketball
  • Celebrating accomplishments for all sports teams

Open Mats offered at FHS in off season.

Dedicated space for wrestling practice.

  • No Basketballs, no extraneous noise from other team


How did we lose the room when projected enrollment increase for 2023-24 was 13 pupils?



Only 10 more kids joined FHS, 10 new kids joined FHS wrestling, and we lost our room.

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  • 2020 Bond - Scoreboard for stadium & ballfields softball, baseball warning track improvements and padding
  • Why did the baseball backers pay $5,000+ for dirt?
  • Media kit/package for parent download w/current logos
  • communications ONLY sent through FINAL FORMS for safety & communication use
    • No texting w/coaches
  • Is there the ability to give parent backers access to use Final Forms.
    Can you text through final forms to students & parents
  • Better training and checking with coaches & their staff.  Should be 2 seasons b/4 to handle pre-season requirements.(BUSING)
  • End of year meeting for coaches for feedback.
  • Reenactment of the Athletic Council in the athletic hand book.
  • Update Handbook for athletics
  • Consistency on how we handle student discipline on teams and in district wide.  ONE person besides the coach.  Go by the outlined punishment in the handbook.