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Head Start Transportation

The Farmington Public Schools Transportation Department and the Head Start program would like to welcome you and your child to an exciting new experience:

Riding the Bus!
The ride to school can set the tone for the whole school day for your child. Therefore, we have compiled this brochure to give you some important information about riding the bus. This will help create the safest and most enjoyable bus ride possible for your child.

Please keep this brochure throughout the school year and refer to if you have questions about transportation. As always we are available at 248-489-3700 to answer your questions.

Due to an overwhelming number of special transportation requests for daycare needs, each child is only allowed one pick-up and drop-off address. The pick up address and the drop off address may be different from each other, but each must be consistent everyday.

Name Tags
For the first three (3) weeks of the Head Start program you need to place a nametag attached to the out side of their clothing. This will help to insure that your child gets on the correct bus and gets home safely.

Bus Stops
Family Support staff will provide the pick-up and take home times and locations. You should receive this information approximately one (1) week before your child's transportation begins.

The FPS Transportation Department determines bus stop locations. Your location may be at your home or as close to your home as possible.

All students need to be at their bus stop location waiting outside and not in homes or vehicles All pick up times are approximate, please allow 10 minutes window of time before or after your scheduled time.

You will be notified if there is any change in your child's transportation schedule beyond the 10 minute window of time by either a phone call or a letter sent home with your child.

If you or an authorized person is not visible at the drop off location, your child will be returned to the school. You will have to pick them up there yourself.

Safety on the Bus

  1. Students are to follow the directions of the driver or aide.
  2. Students are not allowed to throw things on the bus.
  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  4. Keep all of your items in your totebag.
  5. Be nice to your fellow bus riders.

Safety around the Bus

  1. Stay a safe distance from the roadway. At least 10 giant steps.
  2. No horseplay or pushing.
  3. Walk to the bus when the door opens.
  4. Use the handrail when using the stairs.
  5. When students are required to cross the road, they need to look both ways for cars before crossing, then walk across the street, at least 10 giant steps in front of the bus.

Bad Weather Days
Please send your child to school in the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Your child will be outside while waiting for the bus and they need to stay warm and dry.

Occasionally it is necessary to cancel school due to weather conditions. When this happens, after 6:00 AM, you can call our school Information Hot Line at 248-489-3337 or listen to your local radio or TV station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who determines the bus stops?
A. Bus top locations are determined by the transportation office staff. They review the location of the student and then determine the safest stop location based on requirements of state laws, school board policies and the location of the other students.

Q. Why is my child on the bus so long?
A. There is no legal limit on the length of time students can be on the bus: however, the district makes every attempt to keep the time no more than one hour per trip. Times may be lengthened or shortened depending on the number of children on the route and their promptness in getting on and off the bus.

Q. Can students be dropped off without an adult present?
A. NO we require an adult to be present to drop off any Head Start student.

Q. If I am not at the bus stop at the time of drop off what will happen?
A. Your child will be returned to Head Start for you to pick them up. The bus cannot return to your bus stop, as they have other students to take home.

Q. What if I have a question about my child's bus ride?
A. All questions can be answered by the Transportation Office. You can call 248-489-3700 between 7:00 am and 4:00 p.m. during school days.

Q. If I am late to my bus stop can I go to another one?
A. NO, If you are late to your bus stop, you need to take your child to school. We require this for your child's safety. We do not want students running up to the bus where the driver is not expecting to pick them up.

Q. What will happen if my child is not at the bus stop at the scheduled pickup time?
A. The parent is responsible for transportation the child to school. The bus will not return to your home or bus stop location.