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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

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Farmington Public Schools boasts one of the largest CTE programs in Oakland County, with 11 state-approved programs and more than 60 percent of high school students participating in these series of courses. FPS offers its high school students CTE programs designed to prepare them for a broad range of employment and training services, as well as post-secondary education. The programs are offered under the guidance of certified teachers, counselors and cooperative education coordinators. Please refer to FPS CTE Programs by Career Cluster to learn more about each of our CTE programs and 1.0 exchange credit for Science or World Language or Visual, Performing & Applied Arts.

CTE Program Offerings Annual Notification for 2024-25

CTE Credit Equivalency Guide 2024-2025

Making a CTE Program Completer for Exchange Credit 2024-2025

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Other KEY Components of a CTE Program

CTE Earns You College Credit
FPS CTE students who take classes and pass with an A or B may receive college credit that is directly correlated to classes offered at Oakland Community College, Henry Ford Community College, Ferris State University, or Baker College.

Work-Based Learning - formally known as Co-op, is a combination of school-based preparation and actual work experiences designed to enable students to acquire attitudes, skills and knowledge for career and other life roles in real work settings. This type of "out of classroom" learning has become very popular and is increasing at a significant rate. It is a structured method of instruction whereby students coordinate their high school studies with a job in a field related to their academic or occupational objectives. Students and participating businesses develop written training and evaluation plans to guide instruction, and students receive course credit for both their classroom and work experiences and are compensated for their work time.

Tech Prep - Tech Prep is the name given to programs that offer at least four years of sequential coursework at the secondary and post-secondary levels to prepare students for technical careers. Programs typically begin in eleventh grade and result in an award of an associate's degree or certificate after two years of post-secondary training. Other Tech Prep combinations are also available, depending on local consortium arrangements. Tech Prep is designed to build student competency in academic subjects and to provide broad technical preparation in a career area. Coursework integrates academic and vocational subject matter and may provide opportunities for dual enrollment in academic and vocational courses at secondary and post-secondary institutions.

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