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Diversity Education & Outreach

Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN)

Farmington Public Schools networks with districts around the country to support the academic achievement of minority students. Our membership in MSAN, the Minority Student Achievement Network, provides us with relevant research and promising practices to keep our instructional strategies aligned with the needs of our students. Please follow this link to learn more about                                                          MSAN: http://msan.wceruw.org/

Farmington Public Schools is committed to celebrating and seeking out diversity in our community and beyond.  We work collaboratively with our partners on the Multicultural Multiracial Council of Farmington/Farmington Hills (MCMR) to be proactive through educational outreach.  We host a variety of district student events lead by our District Diversity Committee to promote dialogue and understanding of our diverse world.  We also have been members of the Minority Student Achievement Network since 2004.  Please see the above link to MSAN for more information.