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Purchasing & Bids

Purchase orders throughout the Farmington Public School District are processed by the Purchasing Department.  The Purchasing Department’s staff coordinates the purchase of supplies, equipment, and contractual services of the District.  In addition, the purchasing staff manages the bidding process and assists with the research of vendor products and services.  Compliance with applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations are monitored by this office.

Cooperative Bids

Farmington Public Schools participates in several cooperative bid consortiums, including:

  • REMC
  • State of Michigan MiDeal
  • Oakland County School Business Officials

District Bids

The Michigan School Code requires that for purchases of supplies, materials and equipment over $26,046 competitive bids must be obtained.

The Purchasing Department posts bids (Request for Proposal; Request for Quote) on this site when they become available. 

Current Invitations to Bid


Notice of Public Sale

The Purchasing Department posts items for sale or disposal on the Publics Surplus Auction website. Bidders will be required to register with Public Surplus. To view items for sale and/or submit your bid, access the Public Surplus website link at: http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/farmington,mi/list/current?orgid=18312

Notice for Sale Items:

  • No items at this time