Fitness Assessments

  • We evaluate fitness in several areas. They include Aerobic fitness, Upper Body Strength, Abdominal Strength and Flexibility. You will find the number of fitness assessments increase as students get older. We have achievement benchmarks for all fitness areas with the exception of flexibility. Our flexibility assessment is being developed with data from students in our district and we hope to have data to create benchmarks by the 2010-11 school year.


    The benchmarks you find in each area are based upon the national standard from the President’s Physical Fitness Council. You will find the benchmarks for each grade level on the links below.


    PUSH UP FORM - click this link to watch a small video showing proper push up form.

    SIT UP FORM - click this link to watch a small video showing proper sit up form.


    Fitness Goals by Grade Level (click on each link to view):

    Kindergarten & First Grade Fitness Goal

    Second Grade Fitness Goal

    Third Grade Fitness Goal

    Fourth Grade Fitness Goal

    Fifth Grade Fitness Goal