• The links below will take to you our evaluation standards for object control skills and fitness. Object control(OC) skills involve the manipulation of equipment such as a ball for throwing and catching. Our evaluation practice is different in each area.


    Within each OC skill, we have developed a rubric that is linked to how a child becomes more skillful. Depending on a child’s contact with that skill throughout the year, he or she may progress at different speeds. For example, a child with a novice throwing pattern may make limited gains each year if they do not throw between throwing instruction in the gym from one year to the next. This makes having an age determined benchmark of marginal use. As we begin each OC unit, we pretest students and then differentiate instruction to the fit their observed skill level. This helps to make learning OC skills a positive experience as we are always focused on each child to set appropriate goals.


    Fitness is evaluated slightly differently as children age. You will find the fitness assessments divided by grade levels. Unlike OC skills, we have achievement benchmarks for fitness areas. They are based upon the national standard from the President’s Physical Fitness Council.

    Catching Rubric

    Foot Dribble Rubric

    Forehand Strike Rubric with Decision Rules

    Hand Dribble Rubric with Decision Rules

    Jump Rope Rubric

    Overhand Throw Rubric