Negative Lunch Account Balances


    1. Students are encouraged to have money on account to purchase lunch or snacks. Parents will be notified by Blackboard Messenger when their account is overdrawn. 

    2. Students whose accounts are overdrawn will be allowed to receive a student lunch charged to their account up to a negative $5.00. 

    (No alacarte items can be charged or purchased

    3. Students whose accounts are overdrawn by $5.00 or more will be offered a Cheerios lunch consisting of one serving each of Cheerios, white milk and fruit so that the student does not go hungry. The charge for this Cheerios lunch will be $1.00 each time it is provided and added to the account balance. 

    4. Beginning May 1st, no other purchases will be allowed on accounts with an overdrawn balance, except for the cheerios lunch as offered above. 

    5. As per District Policy 5160-Lost Book/Property and Money Due: payments returned for non-sufficient funds checks will be assessed a fee of $20.00 per check. Checks will not continue to be accepted if non-sufficient funds checks and the assessed fee(s) have not been collected and the payment cleared by the bank. Payments can continue to be accepted via RevTrak online using debit or credit cards.