Instructional Services

  • Our Promise to the Community

    Each and every learner will become a:

    • Compassionate Community Member

    • Resilient Problem Solver

    • Empowered Collaborator

    • Strategic Communicator

    • Self-Actualizer 
    Profile of a Lifelong Learner

    Our Enduring Instructional Focus:

    Through positioning, authentic learning, and noticing, we craft equitable and innovative learning experiences that promote our Profile of a Lifelong Learner, our promise to the community.

    We craft learning environments that position each and every learner to be engaged - - in a way that they are invited into the learning, their thoughts are valued, and they know they are confident and competent to do the learning.

    We design authentic learning opportunities that provide each and every learner the opportunity to learn higher level thinking and problem solving skills as well as knowledge of the world and people alongside their own passions and interests.

    We actively notice, reflect on, and interrupt how our lived experiences, beliefs, and assumptions impact our behaviors and actions as we interact with each other and uncover the passions and interests of each and every learner.

Profile of a Lifelong Learner

  • Profile of A Lifelong Learner


    Compassionate Community Member

    FPS learners are compassionate community members who welcome the unique contribution of each individual, value the strength and power of community, and participate to create a positive and authentic impact in the community—personal, local, and global.

    Resilient Problem Solver

    FPS learners are resilient problem solvers who are empowered to persevere in their quest for solutions to problems and/or questions. Learners consider multiple perspectives, solicit and respond to feedback, identify the best solution for the situation, and navigate their own problem-solving pathway.

    Empowered Collaborator

    FPS learners give their best efforts while engaging in a productive exchange of ideas in working toward a common goal. Learners provide and receive respectful feedback, contribute their talents, thoughts, and opinions while respecting those of others, and develop effective ways of working together.

    Strategic Communicator

    FPS learners are able to use communication as a way to build understanding and form relationships. Learners are active listeners, consider the needs of their audience, and use a variety of methods to express ideas effectively. Learners are open to others’ perspectives and ideas as they engage in civil discourse.


    FPS learners are in control of their educational pathway and their future. Learners set and strive toward goals based on self-awareness of strengths, interests, talents, and opportunities for growth. Using a growth mindset, they demonstrate self-compassion and self-acceptance as they become lifelong learners.

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