Alameda Early Childhood Center

  • Our Mission:

    The staff of Farmington Public Schools Early Childhood Centers will provide all children with learning experiences to achieve their highest personal and academic potential and develop skills and attitudes that will establish a foundation for a successful educational journey.

    Our Philosophy:

    Farmington Early Childhood Centers have a philosophy based on the interaction of the child and his unique experiences, guided and supported by staff, to insure the fulfillment of each child’s individual potential. We, as a staff, are committed to recognizing and adapting to each child’s’ individual differences and learning styles. This is accomplished through a productive play-based curriculum which is developmentally appropriate. This curriculum is implemented through hands on activities, which are child-centered and  facilitated by the teacher. The success of the program is enhanced by the partnership of family, community, and school staff. By providing a safe and healthy environment, a child will be able to accept challenges and take risks in preparation for becoming a thoughtful problem solver.