Stormwater Management - Local Watershed Map

  • Local Watershed Map for Farmington Public Schools

    What is a watershed?
    A watershed is an area that drains into a lake or river.  As rainwater and melting snow run downhill, they carry sediment and other materials into our streams, rivers, wetlands, lakes and groundwater.

    Why is your watershed important?
    We all live in a watershed.  Watersheds are the place we call home, where we work and where we play.  Everyone relies on water and other natural resources to exist.  What you and others do on the land impacts the quality and quantity and other natural resources.
    Healthy watersheds are vital for healthy environment and economy.  Our watersheds provide water for drinking, irrigation, and industry.  Many people also enjoy lakes and streams for their beauty and for boating, fishing and swimming.  Wildlife also need healthy watersheds for food and shelter.
    In the past, most water quality problems relating to watersheds were traced to the obvious cause Point Source Pollution.  This means the problem can be traced to a specific location such as a pipe or a disposal site.  Technical and regulatory methods have been used to detect and control these problems.  Much of the progress made in water quality improvements over the last few decades have been through the elimination of point source pollution.

    What watershed do I live in?

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