Stormwater Management

  • Stormwater carries untreated water runoff directly into creeks and rivers and, by doing so, impacts our environment. Improper disposal of wastes, such as oil, paint, fertilizer and pesticides will pollute the stormwater and destroy plants, endanger wildlife and affect drinking water. Never dump materials, including grass clippings, into any storm drain or drainage canal, and be sure to keep any catch basins on your property free of grass clippings and debris.

    Various government agencies regulate storm water discharge. arch environmental group's stormwater trained and certified consultants are prepared to assist in your discharge permit, outfall determinations or any portion of your needed compliance issues.

    Farmington Public Schools is committed to practicing sound stormwater management practices and to observance and adherence to all local, state and federal stormwater rules and regulations.


    Get Involved!

    Huron River Watershed Council
    Friends of the Rouge
    Clinton River Watershed Council
    Farmington Public Schools encourages everyone to get involved with the opportunities provided by the local watershed groups including the Friends of the RougeHuron River Watershed Council and the Clinton River Watershed Council. These groups host events throughout the year, such as community monitoring events, clean-up activities, as well as educational opportunities for students and parents.

    Report an Illicit Discharge!

    Report an Illicit Discharge

    If you see someone dumping illegal materials down a storm drain or into a waterway, report it immediately.

    Oakland County:
    Contact the Oakland County Drain Commissioner's 24 Hr. Pollution Reporting Hotline

    Septic Tank Maintenance Information

    From the Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project Septic systems are waste water treatment systems that use septic tanks and drain fields to dispose of sewage in soil. They are typically used in rural or large lot settings where a sanitary sewer is not available.

    Oakland County’s 24-Hour Pollution Hotline